Pinterest Expands Advertising Program & Introduces New Lifestyle Ads

April 26, 2018
Mitch Lepore

Not only do more publishers now have access to Pinterest’s partner network, but they now have an additional rich ad format to leverage.

Onboarding New Partners

Following the debut of Pinterest’s Shopping Ads in 2017, which was only available to a handful of retailers at the time, the social medium recently announced the conclusion of their early testing phase. This has resulted in a major expansion to the program which now allows hundreds of new advertisers to start experimenting more deeply with the platform.


Shopping Ads & Lifestyle Format

Advertisers who take advantage of Pinterest’s Shopping Ads can now create Promoted Pins that automatically transform content from their product feed into actionable ads. This is particularly valuable for ecommerce brands and marketers who are scaling their Pinterest marketing efforts. It will also make it much easier for brands to promote both individual and a range of products.

Additionally, Pinterest has stated that the company has been testing new ad designs with the intent of drawing more visual shopping cues, similar to that of a brick-and-mortar location. This has led to the birth of a new lifestyle ad format, where pinners can view products from multiple angles and in more relatable settings.

The Importance of Visual Placements

In an article published by Pinterest’s product marketing lead Shounak Simlai, emphasis was placed on the significance of product measurements and lifestyle placements when it comes to driving more conversions, new customer acquisition and higher average order values.

“When people shop in-store, displays guide them to the right decision. Pinterest re-creates that experience online through visual discovery features. Visual technology powers everything on Pinterest, from content recommendations to ad targeting,” Simlai explained.

Pinterest has stated that 70% of its user base use the medium for product discovery, and 90% of them are making purchases through the platform. Not only that, but people who engaged with promoted pins spend up to seven times more than people who don’t, further stressing the importance of having relatable and rich visual ad placements.


A New Channel to Explore

Advertisers who are interested in qualifying for the Shopping Ads program will need to sign up for Pinterest Propel. From there, Pinterest will make contact individually to work through the next steps with those who are accepted.

This is a great new venture for publishers who work with accepted advertising partners, and the lifestyle ad format should be quite lucrative for those running ecommerce or beauty campaigns specifically.

If you have any questions about any of the ecommerce offers we’re running, we encourage you to reach out to your account manager!

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