As Content Amplifies, People Are Going Mobile for Consumption

April 19, 2018
Moresby Media

As more users open to viewing content on their mobile devices, media buyers and mobile marketers are poised to benefit tremendously.

Mobile Views Ascends to New Heights

For the first time ever, mobile video plays achieved over 60% of all global video starts in Q4 2017 and could reach as high as 70% next year, as per Ooyala’s recent Global Video Index Report. From a geographical perspective, North America fell shy of the global average with 57.6%, even though mobile video plays jumped by 11% since Q4 2016. The real market leaders were Europe, the Middle East, and Africa with 63.5%.


Long vs Short: Content Results

In terms of content types, both medium- and long-form content production grew to over 50% of all content since this study was last conducted in 2017. The was the case across all devices, including PCs and connected TVs, not just mobile mediums.


Even though more medium- and long-form content seems to be increasing across the digital realm, there’s still something to be said about short-form content, which reached 50% of consumer viewership on PCs, the most out of any device.


Mobile Advertising

As for advertising, the Ooyala report also released insightful findings in regards to ad penetration. Smartphones received the most amount of pre-roll ad impressions shown on both publisher and broadcaster platforms at 69% and 55% respectively. Publishers also saw total impressions on smartphones increase to 51% across all connected devices. Additionally, tablets saw their share of video play growth as well, having increased by 68% since Q4 2016. As Ooyala’s principal analyst Jim O’Neill phrases it, “The primary screen is definitely shifting. All devices are not equal for video viewing.”


Bountiful Opportunities

With mobile video plays increasing by nearly 20% in North America since 2016, and carriers continuing to increase data capacity on people’s mobile devices, don’t expect consumption to diminish anytime soon. With more premium video assets moving online and more people opting to watch content on their smartphones and tablets, now is a great time to take advantage of more in-stream and mobile ad campaigns!


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