6 Ways to Scale an eCommerce Business During the Pandemic

May 20, 2020
Moresby Media

In the span of a few months, the novel coronavirus has changed the world. With people now spending time in self-isolation, there has been a surge in online activity. While COVID-19 presents many challenges for daily life, it also presents an incredible opportunity.

Online businesses can leverage these uncertain times to scale their business online. With normal business operations suspended or affected by COVID-19, there has never been a better opportunity to focus your efforts on expanding your online marketing. Businesses are in need of new ways to adapt to this radical transformation of life caused by the pandemic. Because after all, no one knows how long customers will remain at home away from traditional brick-and-mortar outlets.

How Can You Scale Your eCommerce Business?

Your goal should be to keep growing your online business. Planning for the present as well as the future is crucial for your brand.

But why is scaling your brand online so important? Everybody's goal is to grow their venture into a million-dollar business. Unfortunately, this process won't happen overnight. Scaling your business is a powerful strategy to manage growth and satisfy market demand.

There are proven methods to scale your business that offer valuable insight as you move forward in this journey.

1. Monitor analytics

It is important to evaluate the growth of your brand by examining your sales performance. How fast are your sales growing? What do you think are the main factors that led to its growth? Strong sales performance is one of the indicators of scalability since it reflects how well your business is doing. Also focus on other important metrics such as:

  • Product performance
  • Lifetime value to customer acquisition ratio
  • Conversion rate

2. Use technology

As your company grows, you will need to employ technology for support. Many brands start out small and when they reach their sales ceiling, they become overwhelmed. Switching to a platform to scale your business is the best solution to ensure that the effective support you can provide to customers. You can depend on Moresby Media to bring you purpose-driven innovations to help your business scale its operations.

3. Building traffic

As your business gains more traction, you want to ensure your customers stay engaged by creating a buzz about your brand and products. Optimizing growth can be achieved by building off on the interest and traffic you already have. Many brands do this through the use of social media platforms. Look into effective ways to build traffic such as hosting a webinar, sharing stories on your landing page, and reaching out to trusted influencers.

4. Grow a dependable content team

When you start your business, you may be the only one preparing your articles and images. But as you establish your brand and become entrenched in your industry, ramping up your quality content is essential. Since you won't have the available time to do this, growing your own content team or outsourcing these functions is essential.

5. Bank on e-mail automation

All types of businesses can rely on e-mail automation. For example, if you offer online food delivery service, you can send out coupons or discounts on slow days to drive more sales. In the same way, you are encouraged to create segmented lists and offers to customers based on their purchase habits. Use this downtime during the quarantine to fine-tune your e-mail automation to ensure that it leads to more sales.

6. Expand global options

When online businesses start out, it's normal to only focus on a specific region to make the operations simple. For example, you may only sell your products in the US, so you won't have to deal with the complexity of accepting orders in different currencies, or figuring out taxes, shipping, and customs requirements. However, once you have some experience in local markets, it's time to expand globally and spread your amazing products.

Reach Your Potential

All business owners need to have a fierce entrepreneurial drive. This will fuel them to constantly look for ways to reach new heights for their brand. Scaling an online business is significantly easier than growing a traditional operation, but you may still need help. Moresby Media is dedicated to helping you reach your full potential.

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